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Adhar: Home for mentally impaired children, Maharashtra

Adhar provides life long residential care for mentally challenged people, especially for people from poor background. Adhar is 18 years old and is currently taking care of 201 mentally challenged adults at Adhar Badlapur. There are more than 15 lacs mentally challenged people in India and more than 2 lacs in Maharastra itself. Therefore the need for residential care for such people is huge.

Vision2020 donated $11500 to procure a Tata Sumo ambulance vehicle fully equipped with all appropriate gadgetsfor use by Adhar. We anticipate that before the end of Sept 2012, the vehicle will be handed over to Adahar. Adhar is sure that this will be of great help in managing the health and life expectancy of its inmates. Robin Rajan of Sydney nominated the project for support.

Visit Adhar web site for more details.

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