Shiva Shanta Mother and child health Center, Coimbatore, India

September 30, 2010

"Three months to three years care", meaning, care of a child from three months of conception to three years of age, as these are the formative years of the child



Despite great strides in medical research and services in India women and children are still remain very vulnerable. The maternal and infant mortality in India is one of the highest in the world. This situation is particularly distressing in the rural communities where their income and facilities are poor and unaffordable. Shiva Shanta Mother and child health Center takes a holistic view in helping this vulnerable section of our society. Through their various activities they reach out to marginalised people as a whole. The hospital provides free primary health care facility to poor rural pregnant women, new born and infants up to the age of three.


Vision2020 provided $10,000 in Oct 2010 for the provision of stable power generation and supply to the hospital that would maintain power supply and facilitate emergency operations even during scheduled and unscheduled power cuts in the area. Some Vision2020 members visited the facility in Jan 2011 and noted working of a dedicated supply of a generator (marked with the inscription "Donated by Vision2020, Indians in Australia" prominently placed on it). We understand our contribution has already saved many babies’ and mothers’ lives.


Vision2020 bought a KV generator at a cost of Rs 4.5lacs and installed it on site in November 2010.


Visit Shiva Shanta Mother and child health Center web site for more details.

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