Mission to Help the NEEDY!

Under Vision 2020 achievements, so far:
Since late 2006, Vision2020 members and supporters have funded 16 charity projects at a cost of more than $120,000. All projects have been fully completed. Consistent with the Vision2020 charter, the funds were provided to augment infrastructure facilities of those sixteen organisations.

More information on each of the projects is available under  Projects

The 16 projects funded are:

1. Hope for Himalayan Kids, Nepal (orphanage & children without support)

2.  AMMA Seva Samsthe, Karnataka (orphanage & children without support)

3.  Spastic Society of Karnataka

4.  Vishranthi Old Age Home, Chennai (Destitute old women)

5.  Sanmathi Bal Nikethan, Pune (orphanage & children without support)

6.  Jyothis School for children with cerebral palsy, Kerala (school for children with mental disability)
7  Muscular Dystrophy Association (supporting children afflicted with muscular dystrophy) 
8.  Shiva Shanta Mother and child health Center, (serving poor expectant mother and new born)
9.  Ananya Centre for Special Children, Hyderabad (children with autism)

10. ADHAR , Maharashtra - Home for Mentally Impaired Children - Purchase of Van

11. Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home), New Delhi, India

12. Somalian Human Disaster Relief Fund (UNICEF)

13. Sri Vidyasram School, Rural Thanjavur Dist., Tamilnadu - Construction of Toilets

14. Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment (MITU) - Purchase of Van and Construction of Incinerators for Sanitary pad disposal in schools in rural Karnataka

15. Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust, Tamilnadu - construction of a sump to preserve drinking water to serve   one hundred old-age seniors.

16. Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra - Construction of an Eye-care Vision Centre in Jharkhand.

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