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Virat hospice is dedicated to palliative care to serve the terminally ill cancer patients. It is based in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Virat hospice is based in a rented facility (as of early 2016). Virat hospice is founded on the promise of providing quality healthcare to the poor at free of cost. They serve patients from Madhya Pradesh and its neighbouring states.

The proposed construction - VIRAT HOSPICE is designed to cater to the requirements of these patients. The environment (buildings + landscaped areas) is so planned as units that small group of people could stay in nature and in a community. The place has ample light, ventilation and full of fresh air(oxygen) which is essential for patients to maintain steady health. The approaches are covered passages connecting the various units.

The future expansion is intended by adding another floor on top of the present one. Each ground floor unit comprises of 12 bedded units with attached toilet and dining areas, and shared lounge visit. The cost of each block is around Rs 24.80 lacs (cost taken at Rs 1500.00 per sft).

V2020 had agreed to fund one unit of 6 beds costing 12.4 lakhs (approx. 24800 Aus $) this year. The total amount collected and other details will be shared with all, as soon as the accounts are finalised.

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