Mission to Help the NEEDY!

VISION 2020 is committed to ensuring that all its activities are free from any form of discrimination. It is not affiliated to any political or religious organisations. It does not have any preference based on political or religious grounds. Vision2020 is also committed to applying 100% of all donations and net collections to complete the approved charity projects.

VISION 2020 Australia is a voluntary, non-profit and a charitable organisation registered in the State of New South Wales, Australia. Set up in 2003 with the objective of serving the most needy and helpless in our society, VISION 2020’s initial focus is the welfare of children including children living on streets, working in exploitative conditions, children who are sex workers and basically children who have been denied of their basic rights and who do not have a future to look forward to. The focus is now extended to other areas such as the welfare of elderly and infirm. Up until mid-2014, Vision2020 has helped to complete 16 projects of high merit across India and Nepal at a cost of over $120,000.

Dear Members and Supporters,

Seasons greetings from Vision 2020!!

The Vision 2020 AGM was successful with a smooth and pleasant transition to the new committee. The previous committee will continue to work and support the new members.

  • For the first time we have a female President in Mrs Hema Rao.
  • Mr Rattesh Gumber will serve as Vice president.
  • Mr Youssef Mohamed will work as the treasurer and Mr Balasubramaniam as Jt Treasurer.
  • Mr Shanker Krishnan will continue as the Public Officer.
  • The Events Team will be coordinated by Mr. Anurag Saxena, Mrs Prema Krishnan, Mrs Beemajaan Youssef and Mr Navin Kumar.
  • Mr Ramakrishnan will lead the independent project committee supported by Mr Krishna Shivaram and Mr Maninder Bhatia.
  • Mrs Anu Shivaram will look after the communications.
  • Recent News

    Vision2020 is now offering Life Membership.

    Life Membership identifies a common interest and a wish of the members to integrate charity as an essential part of their lives. It enables us to work together as a community and achieve outstanding outcomes from a simple idea of community power.


    Donate to Vision2020 on a regular basis via Direct Debit.

    Direct Debit donations can be made to the NAB Vision2020 account No. 863043540, BSB 082001.